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1.2.1 Project Name: Galuminium and Grand Headquarter Economy Building Project Exterior Facade Scheme Design


1.2.2 Project Location: Block AH040139, Pazhou, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City

1.2.3 行業體量行業在琶洲西區AH040139地塊,東-西雙側為20米計劃路,南側為30米計劃南大街,北臨琶洲大路啦。用地本質為商務辦公用地,總用地體積為14603m2,建-筑容積率10.0,建-筑覆蓋率≤47%,計劃建-筑高度≤200米拉??偨ㄖ娣e約20萬 m2,由東-西兩棟各42層塔樓及4層裙房構成,此中裙樓約2.4萬平方米,辦公及旅店約13萬 m2.五層地下室約5萬m2呢。

1.2.3 Project Scale: The project is Block AH040139 located in west district of Pazhou with the east and west side planned to be roads with a width of 20 meters, the south to be south street with a width of 30 meters and close to Pazhou Avenue in the north. The land will be used for the purpose of business offices with a total land area of 14603 square meters, construction floor area ratio of 10.0, construction coverage no more than 47% and planned building height no more than 200 meter. Covering a total construction area of about 200000 square meters, it is made up of two buildings with each consisting of 42-floor tower buildings and 4-floor podiums, of which the podiums covers approximately 24000 square meters, the offices and hotels covers 130000 square meters and the 5-floor basement is about 50000 square meters.

1.2.4 行業定位

1.2.4 Project Positioning:


(1) To create a high-end quality enterprise headquaters complex integrating Grade A office buildings, business as well as ecological and green technology for own use and renting.


(2) To establish a platform to promote the enterprise image and culture, build quality base for headquarters construction and expand the influence of urban brands to create long-term value-added benefits for enterprises.


(3) To integrate the concept of enterprise development and the enterprise culture of being sunny, pragmatic, positive and progressive to highlight the culture image and brand features as well as reflect the development trend of enterprises’ being centennial and steadily upward.

1.2.5 策畫內容及范疇詳見策畫任務書呢。

1.2.5 Please refer to the design task book for the details of design contents and scope.


1.2.6 Contracting Pattern: the design costs shall adopt lump sum price.

1.2.7工期請求策畫總工期30黃歷天,開工日期 年 月 日(暫定),以招標人發出策畫通告之日起算了。

1.2.7 Construction Period: the total period of design is 30 calendar days. Commencement Date: MM/DD/YY (tentative), starting from the day of issuing the design notice by the tenderee.


1.3 Requirements of Tenderers


(1) With the ability to bear civil liabilities independently;


(2) With good business reputation anf sound financial accounting system;


(3) With equipment and technical expertise necessary to perform the contract;


(4) With a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;


(5) With more than 3 similar projects within the past three years;


(6) With no record of deliquent conducts in the industy in the past three years.


1.4 Development of the Tender Documents


1.4.1 The tender documents of the tenderer are made up of technical documents and business files.


1.4.2 Technical documents include but are not limited to:


(1) Facade design and design concept statement according to the information and requirements related to this project;


(2) Related auxiliary analysis chart;


(3) Cohesive expression of the fa?ade and the flat as well as the profile to emphasize the highlights;


(4) Renderings of scheme A and B of the fa?ade, no less than 3 drawings of the daytime and night each (at least including 2 low perspective drawings from different angles and 1 airscape);


(5) The design result shall meet the requirements of the construction party, user, design institure and relevant government department complying with national, industrial and local laws, standards, regulations, etc.


1.4.3 Business files include but are not limited to:


(1) Letter of tender (in the form of Chapter 4)


(2) Certificate of the legal representative and power of attorney (in the form of Chapter 4)


(3) Provide design quotation sheet according to the requirements of design task book (in the form of Chapter 4)

(4) 企業法人營業執照抄本或者復印件加蓋公章

(4) Duplicate or copy of the business license of the enterprise legal representative with official seal


(5) Duplicate or copy of enterprise qualification certificate and annual verification record with official seal


(6) Original or copy of organization code certificate with official seal


(7) Original or copy of tax registration certificate with official seal


(8) Table of similar design projects completed by the tenderer within the last three years (in the form of Chapter 4)


(9) List of major design personnel proposed for this project (in the form of Chapter 4)


(10) CVs and related performance of major design personnel proposed for this project (in the form of Chapter 4)


(11) Other materials supplemented by the bidding units


1.5 Binding and Sealing:


The tender shall have cover with intact binding and the cover of each tender shall be marked with “original啦”or “copy啊”. The cover and bag shall indicate the project name, tender name, tender unit (sealed), legal representative or authorized attorney (signatute and sealing) as well as bidding date and “Not to be unsealed before bid opening啦”shall be marked on the bag with seal. Each volume shall contain tender document contents, document pages and file list. The tenderer shall bear the result incurred by misreading or reading skipping due to confusing order of documents.


1.6 Conditions of Invalid Tender



16.1 In any one of the following conditions, the tender shall be invalid (including but not limited to the following conditions). For those deemed to be invalid, the tenderer unit needs not to explain to the tenderee unit:


(1) Failing to seal and pack the tender as required;


(2) Incomplete contents or failing to fill out as required or illegible, indistinct or alteration without official seal;

(3) 招標函和項目招標報價書沒有經歷公司法定代表人或者其拜托代理人未簽上名字或者加蓋法人圖章呢;

(3) The tender letter and project quotation letter are not signed by the enterprise legal representative or authorized attorney or sealed by the legal representative;


(4) Late delivery of tender;


(5) Failing to pay bidding deposit before the set time;


(6) Other conditions failing to meet the requirements or serious violations of this bidding document.


1.6.2 The tenderee unit shall have the right to cancel the qualification of the tenderer if the tenderer has one of the following actions:

(1)招標者裝虛作假(注故意玩弄花招 迷惑人 欺騙人),勾通陪標.哄抬標價或者虛報企業資質等吧;

(1) Deceit, colluding accompanying biddring, driving up the bidding price or false reporting enterprise qualifications of the tenderer;


(2) Bribery to relevant personnel or seeking improper interest by other means during the bidding period;


(3) The tender fails to comply with the requirements of the bidding document substantially;


(4) Not enough tenders are received to ensure certain competitiveness.


1.7 Changes and Withdrawal of Tenders



1.7.1 Before the deadline for sending the tenders, the tenderer unit can change or withdraw the tender if proposed in writing with the signature of the personnel who has signed the tender. After the deadline, no changes can be made to the tender.


1.7.2 The tender changed should be developed, sealed, marked and delivered as required.


1.8 Bid Opening and Evaluation


1.8.1 The time of bid opening will be organized and arranged by the tenderee and the tenderer unit shall not participate in bid opening and evaluationl.



1.8.2 During bid opening, read the name of the tenderer unit, tender sealing situation, legal representative certificate and authorized attorney, name of project manager (person in charge) and other contents as well as other necessary contents as required in the bid opening record.


1.8.3 The bid evaluation committee will appraise the tender document and the successful tenderer shall be selected by the project planning board after reviewing the design scheme of the tenderer.


1.8.4 Appraisal Principles of Technical Bids:


(1) Integrity and depth of understanding and interpreting the project positioning and design requirements of the tender document;


(2) Rationality of the tender scheme;


(3) Whether meeting the usage function of the building and tenderee demands;


(4) Degree of meeting the requirement of this bidding document;


(5) Technical feasibilty and economic rationality.


1.8.5 Appraisal Principles of Business Bids:


(1) Design qualification and management system certification;


(2) Company performance and similar project done previously;


(3) Project design team personnel profile and related design cases;


(4) Service and quality commitments of design personnel;


(5) Bidding quotation, RMB, includes all expenses to complete the design task by the tenderer unit and all taxes and fees payable.

1.9 投標書說明一下

1.9 Tender Clarification

1.9.1 在評標階層,投標單元以為要時,可通告招標單元請求說明一下投標書的疑,或許請求填充某些材料,包含單價和剖析材料啦。

1.9.1 In the phase of evaluation, the tenderee unit can inform the tenderer unit of clarifying the tender or requiring to supplement some materials including unit price and analysis materials when necessary.

1.9.2 有關系說明一下的請求和回復,均應以書面舉行,并作-為招標文件的組成部分了。

1.9.2 Requirements and answers of clarification shall be made in writing form as a component of the tender document.


1.10 Right to Accept and Reject Tenders


Before bid opening, the tenderee unit has the right to accept or reject any tender and announce the tender to be invalid or reject all tenders without having to bear any responsibilities for the impact on the tenderer unit or explain the reasons. In addition, it also has the right to reject the tender with the lowest bid or bid of any other prices.


1.11 Contract Signing

1.11.1 招標單元在得到中標通告后十五天內,應與投標單元簽訂合同,合約經兩邊法定代表人或者其受權的代理人簽訂加蓋公章后見效拉。為準時合作項目整體進度,投標人應按招標人請求盡快簽定承包合同了。

1.11.1 The tenderer unit shall sign the contract with the tenderee unit within 15 days after receiving the bid winning notice. The contract shall takes effect after signed by the legal representatives or authorized attorneys of both parties with official seals. In order to follow the overall progress of the project, the tenderer shall sign the contracting contract based on the requirements of the tenderee as soon as possible.

1.11.2 開標后,一切招標單元指出超過投標文件條目的請求,投標單元有權撤銷其資


1.11.2 After bid opening, if any tenderer unit proposes requirements outside the terms of the bidding document, the tenderee unit shall have the right to cancel its qualification anfd list it as disqualified cooperation unit that shall not undertake any business of the tenderee unit within two years.


1.11.3 The bid winning unit must follow the term and conditions of the contract, unless otherwise changes are made through negotiation of both parties.

1.12 其余

1.12 Others

1.12.1 中標單元不得有一切超過本標書中條目的請求拉。

1.12.1 The bid winning unit shall not have any requirements beyond the provisions of this bidding document.

1.12.2 本標書全部的附件與本標書擁有相等效勞啦。

1.12.2 All attachments of this bidding document shall have the same effect as it.

1.12.3 本標書解釋權在投標方呀。

1.12.3 The tenderee unit shall reserve the right to interpret this bidding document.


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